POTW, Year 3 Review

Three years worth of Photo of the Week has wrapped up and now I get to pause  for a bit to look back at all the images I created for this project over the past 52 weeks.  This has been the longest “year” since starting this project.  Normally I take a week off here and there to allow for being out of town for holidays and trips, but this past year I’ve had a lot of other significant things going on.  POTW Year 3 actually started mid-September 2011 and finally concluded by the end of March 2013.  Three major things have been the cause for the extra long “year”.  First, in January 2012, my husband and I got the keys to our very first home and I took some time to focus on settling in to the new place.  Second, immediately after moving into our new home, my computer decided to have some major problems, and I was forced to take an extra long break until that was resolved.  Fast-forward to the end of January 2013, we brought home our newly adopted dog, Finnigan, and our first few weeks with him were all wrapped up in getting him adjusted to his new home and family.

But, I managed to keep plugging away at my POTW challenge and now here we are.  These are all 52 images I created for Year 3, numbered and in order in case you’d like to check out the full post for any image.  (Sorry, they don’t link to the individual posts, so you’ll have to just scroll back through my blog to get to them).

Year 3: Weeks 1-17 Year 3: Weeks 18-35 Year 3: Weeks 36-52

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